NAGC’s New Strategic Plan

The NAGC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the launch of NAGC’s new strategic plan. Created through a deliberative process that included input from leaders across the Association and field, this plan builds on our previous work with overarching goals and objectives that we will work toward accomplishing during the next three years.

With all the recent disruptions educators and families have experienced, it’s more important than ever to address the many challenges faced by gifted children and the field of gifted and talented education. The landscape of gifted and talented education continues to shift and evolve, and so too must NAGC in order to meet the needs of its members and ensure that all gifted children are served equitably and have the support that they need.

The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan is the result of countless hours of conversations, research, and collaboration among NAGC leaders, members, staff, and other stakeholders. It outlines five major goals we wish to achieve: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Connecting Research and Practice, Community, Center of Expertise, and Advocacy, each with accompanying objectives:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: NAGC’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion remains one of the top priorities of the association. Objectives under this goal include developing programs to promote greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field and in the association, increasing cultural awareness and competence, and expanding resources that advance equity.


  • Connecting Research and Practice: Ensuring that research and practice are working together in harmony is critical to the success of NAGC and the field of gifted education. Objectives under this goal include disseminating research, promoting best practices, and expanding inclusive engagement in conversations bridging research and practice focused on equity and excellence.


  • Community: At the heart of NAGC is its community. In order to thrive, the NAGC community must be receptive, inclusive, and diverse. Objectives under this goal cultivating greater engagement among members, creating pathways for leadership development that are both intentional and culturally responsive, and expanding outreach.


  • Center of Expertise: NAGC has long been recognized for its expertise and for being a leading voice in the field. This goal is focused on expanding NAGC’s leadership role as creator, provider, and disseminator of knowledge, resources, and expertise in gifted and talented education. This includes expanding professional learning opportunities, increasing the visibility of NAGC publications, resources, and information, and developing more resources, programs, and services that advance equity.


  • Advocacy: NAGC will continue to advocate for comprehensive support and services for all gifted and talented children. Advancing our advocacy efforts will include the development of a robust, equity-centered agenda to influence national, state, and local policies, expanding our network of advocates, and increasing opportunities for state and local leaders to enhance their advocacy skills and expertise.

A Town Hall was held with leaders in July to share information on the development of the plan and the progress to date. You can watch the recording of the Town Hall through the link below.

July 2022 NAGC Leaders Town Hall – Strategic Plan Preview

NAGC will be focused on these goals and on developing innovative new programs and initiatives to address the pressing issues faced by gifted and talented children, their families, and the field of gifted and talented education. By working together, we will be able to empower all who support children with advanced abilities in accessing equitable opportunities that develop their gifts and talents and works towards achieving our vision of all children having the opportunities and support to realize their full potential.

View the new strategic plan here

Lauri Kirsch, Ed.D.                   Shelagh Gallagher, Ph.D.                    John Segota, MPS, CAE

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