Meet the 2017 Javits-Frasier Scholars

At the NAGC 64th Annual Convention in Charlotte, NC, November 9-12, the 2017 cohort of Javits-Frasier Scholars will gather to network with, and learn from, other teachers and leaders in gifted education.

2017 Javits-Frasier Scholars.pngThe NAGC Javits-Frasier Scholars Program recognizes passionate, innovative educators who work in districts that serve students from low-income and minority populations that are historically underrepresented in gifted education.

According to federally funded research, students who are living in poverty, are learning English as a second language, and are from racial and ethnic minority groups are 250 percent less likely to be identified for, and served in gifted programs, even when they perform at a comparable level to children in the program.

Meet the 2017-18 Javits-Frasier Scholars: