Everything Under the Sun

There is nothing like the feeling of getting ready to attend an NAGC Convention! I know that despite exhaustion, looming deadlines, and work to get caught up on at school when I return, the smile on my face and the thoughts and excitement I feel will carry me along during the slow introduction back to the daily classroom schedule.

In many ways the NAGC Annual Convention in Phoenix  will be like school. The pre-conference and general sessions, roundtables and poster presentations are like our classes, providing attendees from across the country a jam-packed schedule of learning. The varied formats, such as hands-on practice, lecture, group work, and independent learning, ensure that there is truly something for everyone. And just like school, where individuals may participate in meetings, clubs, and activities, the NAGC Convention environment fosters learning communities to support our work in serving high-ability students.

Inside the halls of the hotel and convention center, folks will converse, listen, offer ideas, receive advice, and participate in one-on-one meetings. Physical education will be present in the form of speed walking, escalator riding, and button pushing. Lunch will be quick, and I am sure that some folks will take advantage of nap time. There will be afternoon snacks and a book fair in the form of an exhibit hall. Friends will gather socially after school, and new friendships will be made. We assemble together for general sessions, where keynoters and NAGC leaders share the current state of the field. Awards are to be given to new and veteran educators recognized for their contributions and dedication to NAGC and its mission. With each passing day, attendees will fill their brains with new and exciting research-based practices and ideas.

Before you pack the sunscreen and the sunglasses, be sure to access the digital version of the program book and download the NAGC 2015 convention app,

When I think about the annual convention, I can’t help but feel that if we can instill even one percent of the enthusiasm we feel for learning new material from exceptional teacher leaders, half of our work will already be done. I know that when I return I will think a little differently of the students who wake up early, get dressed, pack the books, catch the bus or walk, take their seats, and prepare to learn. It is what happens next, when the class is quiet and the teacher begins to speak, that makes all the difference. See you in Phoenix!