Feeling Welcomed

Dear friends:

I write to introduce myself to each of you and offer my appreciation for all those who warmly welcomed me in my first week as the executive director of the National Association for Gifted Children. I am excited and happy to join the NAGC team, members and supporters to advocate for high-quality gifted and talented education.

The focus of my first weeks is to meet, listen and get to know the dedicated individuals who make up our organization and those we serve. So far, I devoted a significant portion of time to connect with each member of the NAGC Board of Directors and staff over one-on-one meetings and face-to-face video calls.

What I have learned is that our association is made up of people who strive to understand and advocate for the needs of children and youth with gifts and talents and who work tirelessly to improve their learning lives. They are researchers, educational leaders in school systems, teachers, policy leaders, parents, and graduate students. Each of these individuals brings a different view of gifted and talented education to the table. The rich diversity of viewpoints is helping me to consider where the organization fits among the broader education association community.

According to NAGC’s current vision and strategic framework, our association exists to nurture potential giftedness and develop diverse talents. I hope to apply my new and continued learning together with my experience as a policy professional, non-profit executive, educational consultant, husband, and father of four children to achieve our laudable mission. I look forward to collaborating with all of you to ensure that students get the support that they need to develop and meet their potential.

Warm regards,

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