July 2022 Update to NAGC Members

Over the last several months, the NAGC Board of Directors has been focused on developing several strategic initiatives impacting the overall direction of the Association. We are pleased to present to you what will be the first in a series of periodic updates on some of these developments and what you can expect to see in the months ahead. 


In October it was reported in this blog that we created a new task force to review the current procedures for session selection for the annual convention and to investigate new content delivery options and developments in meeting planning. The task force provided its final report to the board in December and one of its recommendations was the creation of a new committee charged with monitoring and guiding the development of the proposal review process, planning the program for the convention, and analyzing long-term trends to improve the convention each year. Earlier this month the board approved the creation of the new Convention Committee, which will replace the current method of creating an ad hoc committee each year to focus on the convention. The Convention Committee will be put into place over the next several months in time for the convention in November. 


Last fall the board created two working groups to focus on two key priority areas. The first working group has been looking at community engagement and developing ideas on how NAGC can better connect with communities. The second group is developing plans for the inaugural interdisciplinary colloquium funded by the Dr. James J. Gallagher Memorial Fund, which is tentatively scheduled for either January or February of 2023 and will be focused on the topic of equity. The colloquium is very much in the early planning phases, but more information will be available in the months ahead as details fall into place. 


This past March the Board of Directors engaged in a strategic planning session in advance of its regularly scheduled meeting to begin the development of a new strategic plan for the association. NAGC’s last strategic plan was developed in 2016. As you can imagine, a lot has changed since that time, so the Association was due—perhaps overduefor a new strategic plan. Prior to the strategic planning session, a variety of leaders from across the Association and the field were invited to provide input on priorities and issues of concern for the Association. This information, along with other data and resources provided by staff, informed the board as they engaged in their strategic planning session. Over the following months, a working group of the board refined the draft plan. The board has been reviewing the draft and will approve the new plan at its meeting in August. Once it is finalized, we will share the new strategic plan outlining the new strategic priorities over the next several years. 


Lastly, we hope you will join us at the second annual National Symposium on Equity for Black and Brown Gifted Students from August 16-18, 2022. The program will be held virtually and will feature an outstanding lineup of speakers and experts on equity in education.  


Lauri Kirsch, Ed.D.



Shelagh Gallagher, Ph.D.



John Segota, MPS, CAE 

Executive Director