Administrators Are Incredibly Valuable and Deserve Recognition

Administrator.pngBall State University (BSU) is the proud sponsor of the National Association for Gifted Children’s Administrator Award.  This award is presented to an administrator – principal or superintendent outside the field of gifted – who has made a significant difference in the education of his/her school, district, or in the nation.

Administrators who appreciate the needs of gifted students and take action to provide them with an appropriate education are incredibly valuable and deserve our recognition.  In our work with teachers, students, administrators, and other school staff, we see how all the pieces need to fit together. 

The administrator award seeks to recognize individuals who share Ball State University’s commitment to gifted learners, including:

  • Using knowledge about gifted and talented students to inform practices designed to meet the needs of these students.
  • Developing comprehensive programs for gifted students that are institutionalized within the education program.
  • Taking a stand or position that supports gifted education even when it is difficult considering the politics of the district.
  • Being an advocate for gifted children at the district, state or national level.
  • Writing for publications on the need for appropriate education for gifted students.
  • Encouraging staff to meet the needs of gifted children in all settings.
  • Providing ongoing staff development related to the needs of gifted children.
  • Providing the resources for teachers that will help them differentiate for the needs of gifted children in their classrooms.

The deadline for this year’s award closes today, but please keep your eyes open for nominees for next year.

BSU is dedicated to the field of gifted learners and education and provide several avenues to serve this population, including the Teachers College, the Center for Gifted Studies and Talent Development, The Indiana Academy, and Burris Laboratory School. 

Teachers College.  Teachers College supports gifted education through the Gifted and Talented license, certifying highly qualified teachers and/or administrators to work with K-12 high ability students.  Candidates admitted to the licensure program are provided opportunities to increase their expertise in the characteristics, identification, programming, and service options for high-ability students.  While this program of study is appropriate for all educators, it is essential for those educators who desire to work with this exceptional population of students. The high-ability license can be earned in two ways: through a hybrid format with half of the course meetings taking place face-to-face and half online or through a completely Web-based format as well.  Teachers College also offers an online Masters of Arts, and on-campus Masters of Science, and a Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology and students may choose a variety of specializations, including gifted and talented.

Center for Gifted Studies and Talent Development.  Ball State Center for Gifted Studies and Talent development has identified, promoted, and developed giftedness.  In conjunction with an advisory, the center endeavors to fulfill its mission by meeting the needs of gifted and talented students, their teachers, their schools and administrators, their parents, and their larger communities through enrichment programming, professional development, parent seminars, and research activities designed to improve educational programs and create a better understanding of the needs of gifted and talented individuals.

The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities.  The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities is the state’s only 11th and 12th grade residential public school for high ability students.  Founded in 1988 by the Indiana General Assembly, it has two purposes that are central to its mission.  First, Indiana Academy serves as a residential high school for approximately 300 gifted and talented juniors and seniors from across the State of Indiana.  Second, through various outreach programs, Indiana Academy strives to stimulate and enable vitality in educational programs for academically gifted students and teachers. 

Burris Laboratory School.  Burris Laboratory School is a K-12 public school that maintains a tradition of high academic success and welcomes local high ability students to its diverse and rigorous programs each year through its high ability lottery.  Burris Laboratory School is unique in many ways, providing valuable teaching and learning experiences for Ball State Teachers College students, while steadfastly guiding each K-12 learner toward realization of his or her potential. 

Ball State University is pleased to continue supporting individuals who also share their commitment and passion for assisting gifted and talented education.