This section of the website includes a broad swath of information for both the newcomer to gifted and talented education as well as for the experienced educator.  Many of the resources have been developed by NAGC or compiled by staff and volunteers in response to requests from members and the public.

Glossary of Terms

Every speciality area has its own vocabulary.  Brush up on your gifted education terms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you reach for the phone or conduct an Internet search, you might want to check out the FAQs about gifted education that have been compiled by NAGC staff and volunteers.

Gifted Education in the U.S.

Read an overview of the condition of education for gifted and talented students.

Myths about Gifted Students

Misconceptions about gifted students and gifted education create roadblocks for advocates.  Learn more about the common myths and the realities.

National Standards in Gifted and Talented Education

Learn more about standards for all teachers, for gifted education K-12 programming, and for teacher preparation programs.

Motivation and Learning

Learn how to help our gifted children become enthusiastic life-long learners. 

Social & Emotional Issues

Advanced students are sometimes in situations that require a different kind of skill than they have been taught or have emotions they need help managing.  Find out how we can help these children be happy and successful.

NAGC NewsSource

Each week, receive current education news with a focus on gifted in your e-mailbox.

Advocacy Resources

Explore the resources for advocates, including how to advocate in your child's school.  Also learn more about NAGC's advocacy efforts and how you can support them.

Back to School

Everyone involved in the start of a new school year could use a little refresher. We've compiled some resources to help you get off to a successful year.

Key Reports

We've gathered a range of reports from multiple sources that address issues regarding advanced learners and gifted education.


Information & Publications