Advocate for Gifted Children

Gifted children have needs that require special support as they grow, develop, and reach for their personal best. These children need advocates working in homes, schools, and communities to ensure their needs are met. In addition to advocating for day-to-day programming, it is important to advocate for laws and policies that create a supportive learning environment for gifted children. NAGC organizes advocacy efforts at the federal, state, and local levels, including the Leadership & Advocacy Conference in March, but needs advocates on the ground to create positive and lasting change for gifted students. 


2023 NAGC Leadership and Advocacy Conference 

March 19-21, 2023

Embassy Suites Old-Town

Alexandria, VA

Details on registration and room blocks will be made available in late January 2023!

Advocate for Quality Programming for Your Gifted Child

Parents often wonder when and how to approach their child’s teacher if their child seems unhappy or not challenged in the classroom. Even though there is no single recipe for how parents should work with their child’s teacher and school, there are some effective success strategies that work. NAGC supports parents and caregivers with high-quality resources like the Parenting for High Potential magazine and our free TIP Sheets as they navigate the system of support available for their children in schools. We encourage you to join NAGC to connect with other parents and experts for support along the journey of raising gifted children.

Advocate for Effective Laws & Policies

Gifted children often face an uneven and often dizzying playing field in our nation’s education system. NAGC, with its members, advocates for the adoption of policies that promote programs and services in which gifted children thrive. Our goal is to ensure that gifted children across the United States have access to quality learning options and that this access is equitable for all children regardless of their background. 

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