Legislative Action Network

The Legislative Action Network (LAN) is our platform to share best practices and exchange ideas, as we work to support a national (federal, state, local) framework to support all gifted and talented children.

NAGC's goal is to grow the list of active advocates who will directly call for improved policy and programs to support gifted children as they reach for their personal best.

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Advocacy Resources

2017 NAGC 64th Annual Convention Advocacy Materials

Advocacy 101: Moving Gifted Education Forward in the Era of the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act
Advocacy 201: Advocating for Gifted Education in an Era of Divisive Politics








2017 Leadership and Advocacy Conference Materials

Hill Visit Documents
Congressional Request Summary
Javits Program Request
Title I Guidance
Title II Guidance


Supplementary Materials

Poll of Voters about Gifted Education, Institute for Educational Advancement
Advocating for Talented Youth: Lessons Learned from the National Study of Local and State Advocacy in Gifted Education, Dr. Ann Robinson and Dr. Sidney Moon, Gifted Child Quarterly
Here's How Not to Waste Your Time Pressuring Lawmakers, Barney Frank, Policy. mic
A Former Senator Explains How Regular People Can Effectively Lobby Congress, Vox.com
What Successful Movements Have in Common, Greg Satell, Harvard Business Review