Resources for Parents

As you get to know your sensitive, energetic toddler, watch your 10 year struggle to fit in at school, or agonize with your high schooler about multiple college choices, you may wonder why your child seems different from other children. Is your child gifted?  If yes, what next? NAGC works to provide you the tools you need to help your child succeed.

Advice from William Schlitz, father of Haley Taylor Schlitz, on raising a gifted child.

Gifted at a Glance


Is My Child Gifted?

Diving Deeper

NAGC Publications for Parents

Working with Your Child's School

There is a skill to advocating for your child in school. 

  • Find tips on how to work with your child's teacher and school to provide a challenging curriculum.

Resources for Your Child

There are hundreds of camps, enrichment curriculum, games, and weekend programs for your child to enjoy.



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