Every Student Succeeds Act

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is the name of the 2015 legislation that revised and reauthorized the federal K-12 education law known as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA).

NAGC Briefing on ESSA
December 17, 2015

Prior to passage of ESSA, the law was referred to by the moniker No Child Left Behind. 

And for the first time, ESSA/ESEA also includes several provisions, taken from the TALENT Act, that support gifted and talented students.

ESSA/ESEA is the source of most federal K-12 education initiatives, such as Title I schools, accountability for student achievement, programs for English language learners, math-science partnerships, and Title II professional development.  Approximately $21 billion in federal funds under ESEA is distributed to the states and school districts each year through complex formulas based on student population and poverty and through individual grant programs. 

Below are some resources to help advocates prepare to educate school leaders and policymakers on the new gifted education provisions in ESSA.   Visit the advocacy pages on the site for more suggestions on effective advocacy.


Read the Q & A about the gifted education provisions in ESSA Read NAGC's memo to the 50 chief state school officers
Read the final version of the ESEA/ESSA bill (conference report) Read NAGC's letter to Dept of Ed on Title I of ESSA
Review action planning suggestions Read NAGC's recommendations to Dept of Ed on Title II non-regulatory guidance
Senate vote on passage of ESSA (Dec 9, 2015) House vote  (Dec 8, 2015) Read NAGC's comments to Dept of Ed on proposed accountability regulations
View the individual legislative provisions that support gifted and talented students Read NAGC's comments to Dept of Ed on proposed assessment regulations
Read NAGC's news release on ESSA

Mikulski-Grassley letter to Secy King on ESSA

Dept of Ed response to Mikulski-Grassley letter

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