We are on the cusp of an exciting, meaningful victory. Please take the time to contact your elected officials this summer to support gifted education provisions in ESEA. The most important thing advocates can do is to contact your Representative and urge him or her to support gifted and talented students by asking the ESEA Conference Committee to accept the gifted education provisions from S.1177, the Senate version of ESEA, as they conduct their deliberations.
As a psychologist and author in this field for over 30 years, I know that parents are so important, but often feel puzzled and overwhelmed. The NAGC Parent Day, which is part of the NAGC 62nd Annual Convention & Exhibition, is a terrific opportunity for you to meet and hear national experts and learn about resources both locally and nationally.
We asked two NAGC members who are veteran Convention attendees and have been part of the planning team working to ensure your NAGC Convention experience is first-rate. Let’s hear their thoughts on what sets the NAGC Convention apart and why you need to register today!
We in NAGC’s own GLBTQ and Allied community have particular reason to be proud this year, with the Board of Directors’ March 2015 approval of the GLBTQ group as a full-fledged NAGC Network.
Preparing for summer helps ease the transition from school to home, and creates opportunities for reflection and planning. Here are several ways you can help your gifted children wrap up the current school year.