The school year is flying by, and with the summer break just around the corner, days feel more like minutes. I have often commented about the common misconception that educators and students have the summer off, but in reality, there is summer work to be done, whether assigned or voluntary.
by Joan Franklin Smutny, Director of the Center for Gifted and Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity.
A guest post by The Thomas B. Fordham Insititute's Chester A. Finn, Jr., President Emeritus, and Brandon Wright, Editorial Director.
This blog post is excerpted and modified from “Martin D. Jenkins: A Voice to Be Heard,” Davis, J.L. (2013), in A. Robinson & J. Jolly (Eds.) A Century of Contributions to Gifted Education: Illuminating Lives, New York: Routledge Books.  
An excerpt by Barbara Clark, a past-president of the National Association for Gifted Children, from Parenting Gifted Children