Reprint and Permission Requests

We encourage the non-commercial use of the materials provided in NAGC member newsletters, magazines, and the NAGC website. We request that you let us know how and when it is being used.

  • Gifted Child Quarterly (GCQ)
    Contact SAGE Publishing
  • Parenting for High Potential, Teaching for High Potential, Compass Points, Connecting for High Potential  
    Complete and submit Reprint Request form for non-commercial purposes

Interested in obtaining permission to reprint an item from an NAGC book, or commercial reprint?

Send an e-mail detailing:

  • The name of the chapter, article(s), or other item you are interested in reprinting, including as appropriate: book title and page number(s); specific article title, page number(s), and issue
  • Purpose/use of the reprinted material
  • Number of copies to be reprinted
  • If you are selling the piece, provide details and selling price (NAGC may charge a fee for reprints that will be part of a product for sale)
  • Contact information -- phone and e-mail -- so we can contact you if we have questions

How do I submit reprint request?
  • By email
  • By mail:
    Attn: Permissions
    1300 I St., NW, Suite 400E
    Washington, DC 20005

Allow up to three weeks for a response.