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Gifted Child Quarterly (GCQ), NAGC's premier scholarly journal, covers innovative and creative insights about giftedness and talent development in schools, homes, and the wider society. The journal publishes scientifically-based quantitative or qualitative research studies as well as manuscripts which explore policy and policy implications in the field of gifted education. GCQ is published quaterly in October, January, April, and July.       DO NOT USE EDGE OR CHROME TO LOGIN. USE FIREFOX AND SAFARI. WE ARE WORKING ON A FIX                                                             





Parenting for High Potential (PHP) is the award-winning quarterly magazine for parents who want to make a difference in their children's lives.  You will find advice, resources, and tools to help you successfully navigate through the joys and struggles of raising your gifted children.  PHP is published quarterly in September, December, March, and June.







Teaching for High Potential (THP) is designTHP Banner.jpged with educators in mind. Each issue is filled with practical guidance and classroom-based materials for educators striving to understand and challenge their high potential learners. Additional supporting resources are also provided for each article on the NAGC website. THP publishes quarterly in August, November, February, and May.


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Modern Curric for GT sm web.jpgThe most contemporary thinking about designing in-depth courses of study in the foundational curriculum areas for high-ability learners.