Parenting for High Potential

Parenting for High Potential is the quarterly magazine designed for parents and others working to support and guide their gifted children at home and at school.




  • School’s Out for Summer (And, Now What Do I Do With My Gifted Kid?) by Kathleen Nilles
  • Service-Learning in Action by Jean Metzger and Kathy Frazier
  • Universities Aren’t Just for Big Kids! by NAGC Headquarters Team
  • ABCs of Gifted: U is for Understanding and V is for Viewpoints by Dr. Joanne Foster
NAGC Parenting for High Potential magazine March 2015
  • Discovering Creative Thinking Process Skills: A Win-Win for Children by Bonnie Cramond
  • Creative Underachievers: Children Who are too Out of the Box by Sylvia Rimm
  • Keeping a Legacy Alive Through the International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards by Joan Franklin Smutny, Stephen T. Schroth, Jason A. Helfer, Connie Phelps
  • Creative Thinking Skills for All Seasons: A Reflection by Sarah E. Sumners
  • Parenting the Creatively Gifted Child by Kathryn P. Haydon
  • Selecting the Right Educational Setting for High-Ability Third Culture Kids (TCKs): A Mother’s Perspective by Sylvia Yamada
  • Learning through Different Lenses by Sue Jeweler and Linda Barnes-Robinson
  • ABCs of Being Smart: T is for Tips for Working with Teachers by Dr. Joanne Foster
  • Beyond School Walls: What Parents Can Do to Widen the Horizons of Their Gifted Learners by Joan Franklin Smutny
  • Is Acceleration Right for Your Child:
    • Advocating for Grade-Based Acceleration by Keri M. Guilbault, Ed.D.
    • Early College Entrance: How Will My Child Do? by Rachel U. Chung, M.Ed. and Nancy B. Hertzog, Ph.D.
    • Is Grade Acceleration the Best Option?
  • ABCs of Being Smart: S is for Supporting by Dr. Joanne Foster
  • Home for the Holidays: Reducing the Stress for Your Gifted GLBTQ Kid by Teresa Ryan Manzella
  • Got a Minute?  Challenge Your Kids to Math Games on the Go by Martha Hildebrandt, Ph.D.
  • Parent Group Spotlight: Washington State’s WSGT2e
  • ABCs of Gifted:  R We There Yet? by Dr. Joanne Foster
  • Advice to Parents from Gifted Gay Male Youth by Dr. Terence Paul Friedrichs, chair of the NAGC GLBTQ Special Interest Group

Also, be sure check out the bonus NAGC 2014 Toys and Games List starting on page 10. If you’re puzzled about how to engage your high-ability learner, the annual toy and game review features the top toys, games, and puzzles currently on the market as selected by more than 250 junior reviewers.

  • Parent-to-Parent: Sending Your Young Child Off to School: Keep Calm and Carry On By Nancy B. Hertzog, Ph.D.
  • What’s In Your Refrigerator? Easy Ways to Spark a Love for Science at Home By Debbie Dailey
  • What We Can Learn From Military-Connected Families About Relocation and Transitions By Susan E. Jackson, Ph.D.
  • ABCs of Being Smart: P is for Productivity By Dr. Joanne Foster


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