Parenting for High Potential

Parenting for High Potential is the quarterly magazine designed for parents and others working to support and guide their gifted children at home and at school.




September 2022

  • A Note from the Editor, Kathleen Nilles
  • Creating a Positive School Year Through Gratitude, Hopefulness, and Friendship, Janette Boazman
  • Parent Viewpoint: Building a Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher, Pamela M. Peters
  • Earning College Credit While in High School, Pamela M. Peters and Jessica LaFollette
  • Parenting for Polymathy: Raising Generalists May be Advantageous for the Future, Jessica Koehler
  • Paving a Path to Early College—From Homeschool to the Ivy League, Alexander Koehler
  • Find the Gifted Parenting Support You Need!, Gail Post



June 2022

  • A Note from the Editor, Kathleen Nilles
  • A Message from the Special Populations Network, C. Matthew Fugate
  • Gifted and Talented Identification for Students with Visual Impairments: A Parent Perspective, Debbie Mendoza
  • From Homeless to Johns Hopkins: The Story of One Profoundly Gifted Individual Overcoming the Odds, Stefanie McKoy
  • Research to Practice: Giftedness, Gender, and Self-Acceptance, Pamela M. Peters
  • The Role of Home, School, and Community in Cultivating Talents and Abilities in Gifted African American Children, Danielle Moore
  • Negative Life Experiences of 2e Children May Equate to Trauma, Rashmii Mahendra, Lin Lim, and Lisa Zaretsky


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March 2022

  • A Note from the Editor, Kathleen Nilles
  • Using Bibliotherapy to Support the Learning and Social-Emotional Needs of Diverse Gifted Students, Stephen T. Scroth and Ocie Watson-Thompson
  • Research to Practice: Using Mindfulness Strategies to Reduce Perfectionism, Pamela Peters
  • Resources for Practicing Mindfulness at Home and in School, Michele Kane
  • Connecting with Your Teenage Gifted Child, Christine Cheesman
  • Parent Viewpoint: Raising a Red Panda, Jenn Stricklin
  • Advocating for Your Gifted Teen’s College Readiness, Kim Stephenson
  • Success Strategies for Gifted College Students with ASD, Pamela Peters
  • Student Voices: Treat Pushback as an Obstacle to Your Happiness, Kashvi Ramani
  • Children’s Literature Especially Appropriate for Diverse Gifted Children, Stephen T. Schroth, Ocie Watson-Thompson, and Joy Lawson Davis
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December 2021

September 2021

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June 2021

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March 2021

  • A Note From the Editor, Kathleen Nilles, Editor
  • How Parents Can Help Gifted Children Gradually Return to Reality—Remembering Our Goals, Sylvia Rimm
  • From Research to Practice: Underachievement, Pamela Peters
  • Cultivating Curiosity, Competence, and Control in Quarantine: Reflections as a Parent-Professor , Emily Mofield
  • Asynchronous Development and Gifted Children: Parenting Challenges Ahead, Rebecca Johnson & Rachel U. Munn
  • The Parallel Process of Gifted Bullying, Catherine Zakoian
  • Play in the Time of Crisis, Angela M. Novak
  • Encouraging Play by Getting Out of the Way, Sylvan Taylor
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December 2020

  • A Note From the Editor, Kathleen Nilles
  • How to Form a Partnership with Your Gifted Child’s Teacher During a Pandemic, Tina Dzikowski
  • Adolescent Talent Development: A Time for Choices, Opportunities, and Decisions, Felicia A. Dixon
  • The Time is Now! A Dialogue with Four Gifted Education Scholars, Glorry Yeung
  • Need Holiday Gifted Ideas? Board Games Your Gifted Child May Enjoy, Maddy J.
  • Listening to the Voices of Gifted Teens: High School Students Speak Out, Geneve H. Alexander H., Andreea H., Will J.
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September 2020

  • A Note From the Editor, Kathleen Nilles
  • Talking About Racism in America and in Education: The Retrospective Voice of a Gifted Black Young Adult, Tony D.D. Collins II
  • Talking About Racism in America and in Education: The Reflection of a Gifted Black Educational Professional and Mother of Gifted Black Young Adult, Kristina Henry Collins
  • Discussing Racism with Gifted Children: A Primer, Joy Lawson Davis and Jessa Luckey Goudelock
  • It Takes Collective Advocacy: Building Partnerships for Students of Color and Linguistically Diverse Students, Lindsay Ellis Lee and Corinne R. Green
  • Remote Learning: Perspectives from a Homeschooling Psychologist, Jessica Koehler
  • Support Your Child’s Mathematical Thinking at Home, Tutita Casa, E. Jean Gubbins, and Stacy M. Hayden
  • Parents’ Retrospective: Remote Learning with 2e Students—What Worked and What Didn’t, Melissa Sornik
  • Student Voices: What Does it Mean to Be Gifted? Lily S.
Cover of June 2020 PHP Kids holding word balloons

June 2020

  • How Adults Can Listen and Respond to Student Voices, Michele Kane, Guest Editor
  • Interview as a Passage to Student Voice:  An Experiment in Bridging Research and Practice, Samantha Gabrielli
  • The Unique Challenges of Military-Connected Gifted Children, Jessa Luckey Goudelock
  • Students’ Quest for Diversity in Gifted Education, Joy Lawson Davis
  • Outlier that I Am, Claire Chamberlin
  • Tweens Sound Off, Ben, Lilith, and Sophie
  • Using Workshop Surveys to Understand Student Needs, Deb Douglas
  • Small Town Gifted: A Voice from Rural America, Jessica LaFollette
  • Seven Students, One Voice: See Us, Understand Us, Teach Us, Challenge Us! Shelagh Gallagher, Mary Ruth Coleman, and Dibrelle Tourret
  • What Can We Learn About Giftedness from Listening to a Student’s Voice? Margo Nauert