NAGC Committees

NAGC volunteer leaders accomplish important work on behalf of NAGC, its members, and the gifted and talented community. NAGC embraces and derives value from the variety of views and opinions that diverse individuals bring to a project and creates a supportive learning environment to foster open communication of diverse perspectives and realities.

As a committee member, you will devote your time and energy developing ideas to lead NAGC projects and programs forward, and in turn, help lead the field by supporting wide-ranging efforts on behalf of gifted children. Whether you have a few hours, or a few years to volunteer your time, NAGC has a volunteer opportunity for you. Our volunteers review award nominations, write for publications, produce resources, act as convention hosts, and so much more.  Terms are typically three years unless otherwise noted.  NAGC’s Board of Directors is committed to creating an open environment that provides increased opportunities for participation. With that in mind, we seek to conduct an open call for interested and qualified individuals each July to contribute to the future growth and success of NAGC. Take this opportunity to share your expertise and experience!

How to Apply for a Committee

  • A survey to gather information about your interests, involvement, and experience in gifted education goes in May.
  • Committee appointments are made in late August, after review by the Board.
  • Terms of service run three years unless otherwise specified.

Committees and Current Members

Awards Committee

Committee members:

  • Promote the NAGC awards in their communities and beyond, encouraging diverse and high-quality nominations
  • Conscientiously review the nominees to select recipients
  • Review awards and process for needed updates
  • May be asked to participate in the awards ceremony
Committee Chair: Tyler Clark
NAGC Staff Liaison: Carolyn Kaye
Development Committee

Committee members:

  • Work with Executive Director and staff liaison to develop an annual plan for fundraising to support the financial needs of the association aligned with the strategic plan
  • Collaborate with the National Office in order to accomplish their work and to the Board through bi-annual reports and presentations as required.
  • Annually reviews the success of the development plan including, performance metrics, and adequacy of the charge, and recommends any proposed changes to the board for approval.
  • Ensures that all processes and procedures are aligned with NAGC’s Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Policy 2.7

Committee Chairs: Laura Beltchenko, Richard Cash
NAGC Staff Liaison: Denise Weathers

Diversity Committee

Committee members:

  • The Diversity/Equity Committee will meet regularly
  • Members will work with other NAGC committees and networks to increase diversity in membership
  • Members will work with others in the organization to increase issues of diversity in content
Committee Chair:  Angela Novak, Gilman Whiting
NAGC Staff Liaison: Denise Weathers
Education Committee (Not Active)

Committee members:

  • Identify the professional learning needs of parents, K12 educators, and the higher education community
  • Coordinate the development of professional learning opportunities for NAGC members
  • Coordinate the development of NAGC’s Practice Briefs
Elections Committee

Commitee members work with the Board of Directors to:

  • Create eligibility criteria for each elected office
  • Recommend a slate of directors for membership's approval
  • Ensure a fair and equitable election process

No Elections Committee member may write a letter of recommendation for any applicant, or nominate an applicant for a Board or Network position while serving as a member of the Elections Committee.

Committee Chair: Jonathan Plucker
NAGC Staff Liaison: Adriane Wiles

Leadership Development Committee

Committee members:

  • Work with NAGC Staff and elected leaders to identify candidates to serve in leadership roles
  • Connect with potential leaders for volunteer opportunities
  • Provide support and training for volunteer leaders, particularly with committee and network leaders, to increase member engagement
Committee Chair: Ann Robinson
NAGC Staff Liaison: Adriane Wiles
Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

Committee members:

  • Commit to advocate and develop relationships with their elected officials
  • Recruit, through their network, at least two individuals from outside of their Congressional district who would be willing to advocate and develop relationships with their respective elected officials
  • Develop legislative recommendations (writing policy, regulations, and guidance) for the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act
Committee Chair: Donna Campbell
NAGC Staff Liaison: David Cutler
Parent Editorial and Content Advisory Board

Committee members:

  • Work in concert with the Parenting for High Potential Editor to identify article ideas and potential authors; advise staff and leadership on recommended areas of focus; act as reviewers for articles as needed; and author PHP articles as appropriate
  • Develop content for other NAGC communications channels   
  • Represent parent interests at the NAGC annual convention
  • Work closely with the Parent and Community Network to reach and support parents and caregivers
  • Support special projects/initiatives, as needed, aligned with the board’s strategic plan and in concert with the national office
Committee Chair: Jessa Luckey Goudelock
NAGC Staff Liaison:  Kathleen Nilles
Professional Standards Committee

Committee members will work to update the current Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards by:

  • Reviewing Current Standards
  • Taking community’s input and translate into current needs and needed changes
  • Updating Standards
  • Providing professional development webinars and sessions explaining the updated standards
  • Speaking with members who have questions about updates (within reason)
Committee Chair: Chin-Wen Jean Lee
NAGC Staff Liaison: Carolyn Kaye
Publications Committee

Committee members:

  • Review books, articles, white papers as asked by Association Editor
  • Collaborate with the committee to seek out new topics and authors
Committee Chair and Interim Association Editor: Susan Assouline
NAGC Staff Liaison: Carolyn Kaye
Teaching for High Potential (THP) Editorial Advisory Board

Members of the THP Editorial Advisory Committee aid in producing the quarterly publication Teaching for High Potential (THP) by:

  • Providing editorial review of submitted articles to the publication, including editing, proofreading and providing comments / recommendations to the editor and author.

Additionally, members may be asked to:

  • Take part in the editorial process for special THP publications
  • Offer suggestions and ideas relating to THP content, layout, special features, and issues
  • Solicit new writers and promote the publication
  • Serve as a review team for potential columnists, guest editors, and associate editor
Committee Chair: Emily Kircher-Morris
NAGC Staff Liaison: Jeff Danielian





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