Networks - Parent, Family & Community


The Parent, Family & Community Network believes that the families of gifted students and resources within their communities are a crucial part of the growth of gifted individuals. Major goals of the network are to enhance parent effectiveness and to network community resources. More specifically, this Network will strive to meet the needs of gifted individuals by:

  • building partnerships with families, schools, businesses, industries, civic and service groups, helping professionals, and other communities;
  • facilitating education, assistance, and support for families of the gifted;
  • locating, developing, and disseminating relevant resources, programs, and materials;
  • assisting educators in working with gifted students, parents, families, and communities;
  • increasing public recognition of and support for the needs of the gifted;
  • linking gifted individuals with other gifted individuals in the wider community;
  • encouraging and assisting the development of local and state organizations to support gifted education;
  • and linking with other Networks and organizations to help fulfill common goals


Pamela Peters, Chair
Jessical LaFollette, Chair Elect







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