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Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Questioning +


We dedicate ourselves to NAGC’s openness, its support of marginalized groups, and its broad perspective. The Network will be broadly open to parents, educators, other professionals, and community leaders who stand behind gifted LGBTQ+ students, as these youth strive to do their best in a sometimes less-than-accepting world. Each day, we will embody NAGC’s ongoing development of policies and practices that back widely-varied marginalized groups, and like the NAGC, we will encourage research, staff development, advocacy, communication, and collaborative efforts on behalf of our gifted LGBTQ+ youth, other high-potential students, and the youth whom our students will encounter.

Constitutional Statement of Purpose

The purposes of the Network are informational, advocacy- and governance-related, and social. Specifically, the Network's goals are as follows:

A.   Disseminating information to educators and parents, concerning the nature and needs of gifted LGBTQ+ youth.

B.   Serving as advocates for the needs of gifted LGBTQ+ youth, their parents and teachers, and gifted youth with LGBTQ+ parents and teachers.

C.   Welcoming LGBTQ+ supporters into the Network.

D.   Clearly and effectively governing the Network's efforts to assist LGBTQ+students, their parents and educators, and gifted youth with LGBTQ+ parents and teachers.

Section 2. Activities. This Network will accomplish its goals through these activities:

  1. Communicating information related to LGBTQ+ youth within NAGC.
  2. Advocating for LGBTQ+ youth to entities outside NAGC.
  3. Socializing with other LGBTQ+ supporters within our broader organization.
  4. Keeping the Network well-managed for both its supporters and its parent organization.


Andres Parra-Martinez, Chair
Doug Alexander, Chair Elect
Alena Treat, Past Chair


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