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The Conceptual Foundations Network believes that a strong conceptual and theoretical framework is needed for the field of gifted education to advance. Their mission is to focus on theory; concepts of giftedness; philosophical foundations; trends, issues, and future directions for the field; historical perspectives; and perspectives from outside the field in order to provide the longitudinal, conceptual, and structural frame from which the field can build appropriate curriculum, identify students, and do research. Specifically, the Network:

  • works toward developing coherent frameworks that can serve as foundations for the field of gifted education;
  • encourages presentation of topics that relate to the five areas of mission;
  • cooperates with other Networks with similar missions or interests to develop joint activities;
  • disseminates information to interested parties thorough publications;
  • encourages graduate programs and students in gifted education to include conceptual foundations in plans of study; and
  • provides a structure that can guide practice and research through examining assumptions, concepts, definitions, and models.


Jeb Puryear, Chair
Kristofor Wiley, Chair Elect

Legacy Series

The Conceptual Foundation Network has an ongoing project of creating video interviews of the leaders in gifted education.  It began as the Legacy Series and has blossomed into the Legacy Archive Project.  These videos create a permanent record in image and voice, of prominent individuals who have devoted their energy and professional talents to enhancing the lives of our nation's most able learners.

Learn more about the current Legacy Archive Project.

To date, the following DVDs have been produced and are available in the NAGC Online Bookstore:

An Evening with Annemarie Roeper

A Conversation with Joe Renzulli

A Dialogue with Jim Gallagher

An Afternoon with Alexinia Baldwin

The Creative Voice of Don Treffinger

Thinking Like a Master Teacher with Sandra N. Kaplan

Curriculum, Being, and Becoming with Joyce VanTassel-Baska






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