G-RACE Special Interest Group

Gifted Racial Accountability and Commitment to Equity


Racially under-represented populations (e.g.,Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders, American Indian/Alaska Natives) in gifted and advanced programs are almost half of U.S. schools, and they will be the numerical majority in a few years as they already are in many districts, cities, and states. However, the increase in U.S. schools’ racial diversity is not equitably reflected in gifted and advanced programs, particularly among Black and Hispanic/Latino/a students who are most under-represented.  Lack of success in achieving equitable racial diversity in gifted and advanced programs is a function of teacher under-referrals, parent under-referrals, test and instrument selection, as well as screening, identification, and placement policies and procedures (e.g., cutoff scores and criteria).  The GRACE SIG is created to promote accountability for equitable racial diversity in gifted and advanced programs and inspire commitment to equity by NAGC leadership, committees, networks, SIGs, in addition to education professionals, policy makers, business and community leaders, parents, and students.

  • Current Projects
  • Promote and Increase representation for the Dr. Martin Jenkins Scholars Program.
  • Increase and Promote the representation of teachers of color and those from Title 1 schools for the Javitz-Fraiziers scholarship.
  • Provide resources on current research and best practices relevant to G-RACE purpose.

Donna Y. Ford - Founding Organizer

Dr. Mary Ruth B. Coleman - Founding Organizer

Javetta Jones-Roberson - Co-Chair

Sonja Fox - Co-Chair

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