Uncommon underrepresented and/or perceived deficit-based social and cultural differences in students is a source for systemic and institutional victimization of gifted Black students.
This spring's move to distance learning posed huge challenges for families. Trying to structure the day for students and parents, while dealing with the stress of rapid change and a pandemic did not always make for efficient or happy learning. The Gifted Development Center’s virtual education leaders group met to prepare for the coming year of probable distance learning. They also shared experiences that can make this year better for parents and their gifted students.
Black lives matter in our gifted programs. It’s time to do the work to reflect this idea.
One measurement of Gen Z students’ vast visual potential is through nonverbal ability tests—emphasis on the word potential. As educators of gifted learners, we strive to honor all abilities and broad spectrums of talent and across cultures—to not leave anyone out. This is our vision for equity.