The Results Are In…

Thank you to all the NAGC members who took a moment to inform the future of NAGC by voting in the Board and Network elections. You have chosen leaders with clear visions for NAGC and the field.

Congratulations to NAGC’s newly-elected leaders!


Jonathan Plucker, President-Elect

Ellen I. Honeck, At-Large

Angela M. Housand, At-Large

Laurie J. Croft, Network Representative

Dina Brulles, School/District Representative


Christina M. Amspaugh, Computers & Technology, Chair-Elect

Todd Kettler, Conceptual Foundations, Chair-Elect

Micah Bruce-Davis, Counseling & Guidance, Chair
James C. Bishop, Counseling & Guidance, Chair-Elect

Teresa R. Manzella, GLBTQ, Chair-Elect

Janette Boazman, Parent & Community, Chair
Michele M. Kane, Parent & Community, Chair-Elect

Katie D. Lewis, Professional Development, Chair
Christine L. Weber, Professional Development, Chair-Elect

Debbie Dailey, STEM, Chair-Elect

NAGC needs strong leaders to effect change. The Giftedness Knows No Boundaries initiative was the first step to Change Minds through a public awareness campaign to build understanding and inspire action. Our next step is to Change Policies with a set of policy solutions that promote programs and services in which all gifted and talented children will thrive. Please share the new resources on the campaign website with your friends and colleagues and continue to work towards our collective goal of supporting children with extraordinary gifts and talents as they strive to achieve their personal best.