Pride and Opportunity

During June of each year, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (GLBTQ) and Allied community in the United States expresses pride in its identity and social progress. We in NAGC’s own GLBTQ and Allied community have particular reason to be proud this year, with the Board of Directors’ March 2015 approval of the GLBTQ group as a full-fledged NAGC Network.

Just as the GLBTQ community has struggled at length for recognition of some of its rights in our country, so sexual-minority members have worked for decades to achieve parity within NAGC. And, just as American sexual minorities currently have many opportunities that they did not formerly possess, so NAGC’s members now have many ways in which to function more extensively within the organization. A Network, unlike a Special Interest Group (the former home for GLBTQ people in NAGC) may have NAGC Convention sessions, may present awards, and may be consulted on an equal organizational basis regarding the institution’s decision-making. Moreover, sexual-minority members within NAGC may continue to participate in the array of tasks in which they previously participated when these individuals were part of a Special Interest Group. For example, they may communicate about the needs of gifted GLBTQ youth to NAGC Networks and Special Interest Groups. They may advocate helpful instructional and social/emotional approaches for GLBTQ students to gifted organizations and individuals outside of the organization. They can organize social activities to support -- and enliven -- our Network’s sexual-minority and allied members. And they can help govern our Network by overseeing all these tasks and by helping to write and revise our group’s official documents.

This June, think about showing your own pride in the GLBTQ and Allied community. Consider joining NAGC’s GLBTQ Network when you renew your membership. Further, as a member, think about contacting one of these Network officers to volunteer for one of our very active (and effective) Network committees: P.J. Sedillo, Communications Officer; Teresa Manzella, Advocacy Liaison; Sue Fischer, Social Secretary; and Terry Friedrichs, Governance Committee Leader.

We thank you for your participation and for helping to work toward GLBTQ rights, for this coming generation of educators, parents, and students, so that these rights are not just a slogan but a daily reality. We truly hope that, with each action that you take within our Network in June and beyond, you will walk a little prouder yourself!