“I heard the message as if NAGC was speaking directly to me . . .”

Donating to the Javits-Frasier Scholar Fund


I had intended to contribute to the Javits-Frasier Teacher Scholarship Fund over the course of several years previously, but it seems as if my attention was always diverted or I procrastinated, thinking I'd eventually contribute. Then I realized I've benefitted from NAGC for more than 10 years and I was long overdue in giving back. My gratitude was running high, but my giving didn't seem to be (in my estimation) consonant with my level of gratitude for the organization.

Recently I had visited a local teacher of the gifted in her new position at a Title I school and had the honor of observing working with students identified as gifted. When the call came out to support Javits-Frasier, I pictured these young faces and felt compelled to support other teachers of the gifted who may not have the benefit of a network of colleagues who share similar concerns and goals in supporting the education of underrepresented students. I also reflected upon how much I have grown from the relationships and experiences I have had through NAGC, and I was in a place where I felt I owed at least a contribution to this organization to further a program that I believe is essential. While I never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Frasier, her legacy lives on through this program and other initiatives, and honoring her—somehow—seemed like yet another reason to give.

My list of reasons to contribute seemed to grow each time I considered giving. Finally, I decided enough was enough. Why was I debating this? This was a no-doubter.

It was TIME.

Donate to Javits-Frasier today.