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Angela Farmer: Appreciate Individual Needs to Maximize Learning Outcomes (Daily Journal, 1-22-21)

Why are NYC Parents So Upset at the Idea of Scrapping "Gifted and Talented' Programs? (Gothamist, 1-3-20)

8 Potentially Life-Changing Gifts (Psychology Today, 12-17-19)

Becoming smarter than a 5th-grader (WFMZ-TV, 12-6-19)

Acadiana teachers are working to instill grit, growth mindset in students (The Daily Advertiser, 12-2-19)

Up to 3.6 million students should be labeled gifted, but aren't (The Hechinger Report, 11-26-19)

Even Gifted Educators Say Their Classes Don't Reach All Who Need Them (Education Week, 11-25-19)

Gifted education in America is finally moving past its legacy of inequality (Quartz, 11-21-19)

Nurturing a gifted child's abilities (Business Mirror, 11-21-19)

GT Facilitators from LPS Present at 2019 National Conference for Gifted Children (Your Hub/Denver Post, 11-20-19)

Addressing Excellene Gaps: An Intervention Model (Accessibility, Compliance & Equity, Page 52, 11-19-19)

Seattle Public Schools leans on history to change its gifted education program (The Seattle Times, 11-13-14)

Shining a light on NM's bright students (Albuquerque Journal, 11-4-19)

Activists Want to Abolish Your Kid's Honors Classes...  (The Daily Signal, 11-1-19)

Breaking the code in Appalachia: Researchers aim to improve identification of gifted students (Phys.Org, 10-30-19)

Our View: Good to see school system placing more emphasis on advanced academics (The Baltimore Sun, 10-23-19)

The Contradiction at the Heart of Public Education (The Atlantic, 10-10-19)

Money Over Merit? New study says gifted programs favor students from wealthier families (Chalkbeat, 10-4-19)

What Boosts Human Capital Development? (Psychology Today, 9-30-19)

Congressman Raul M. Grijalva visits gifted program in Tuscon (Arizona Education News, 9-26-19)

James Moore III to Be Honored by NAGC (The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 9-20-19)

Funding woes dog the future of Brevard teacher's acclaimed, long-running pet program (Florida Today, 9-20-19)

Why School Districts Are Rethinking Gifted & Talented Programs (Parents/Yahoo News, 9-13-19)

Seidman: Seeking greater diversity in gifted learning programs (Daily Commercial, 9-12-19)

Rider Symposium aims to increase focus on Gifted Education (News at Rider University, 9-11-19)

What we got wrong about our recommendation to eliminate Gifted & Talented programs (Fast Company, 9-10-19)

What does it mean to be a GATE student? (Study International News, 9-9-19)

Hidden talent? JCPS gifted and talented program overlooks artistic students (Courier Journal, 9-5-19)

District to upgrade gifted program (Wellsboro Gazette, 9-5-19)

Should a Single Test Decide a 4-year-old's Educational Future? (The New York Times, 9-4-19)

Doctoral student wins national award (University of Georgia, 9-3-19)

In Debate Over New York's Gifted-Students Program, an Expert Gets Spotlight (Wall Street Journal, 9-2-19)

A fight over gifted education in NY is escalating a national debate over segregated schools (NBC News, 8-31-19)

What NYC must learn about gifted and talented education (Daily News, 8-30-19)

Plans for New Private School Revealed (The Royal Gazette, 8-29-19)

Should de Blasio Eliminate Gifted Programs? (City & State, 8-28-19)

Eliminate Gifted Programs in New York? Momentous Decision for de Blasio (The New York Times, 8-27-19)

Hébert & Moore to Receive NAGC Distinguished Scholars Award (Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 8-26-19)

Quest Elementary's Virginia Hamilton to be Honored with NAGC Award (Space Coast Daily, 8-26-19)

Back to School: Associations Help Teachers, Parents Get Ready (Associations Now, 8-21-19)

Roberts honored for distinguished service to NAGC & gifted education (WKU News, 8-21-19)

Greenwich administrator for gifted children earns national award (Greenwich Time, 8-21-19)

Greenwich Administrator Awarded Gifted Coordinator Award (Greenwich Sentinel, 8-21-19)

Greenwich Administrator Receives 2019 Gifted Coordinator Award (Greenwich Free Press, 8-20-19)

Stereotypes abound during National Parenting Gifted Children Week (The Gazette, 7-21-19)

Underachievers, Part 2: One more key reason kids who could do well in school don't (The Washington Post, 7-17-19)

Activities to increase your child's intelligence (WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, 7-11-19)

Serving the Math Whiz Kids (EducationNext, 7-9-19/Fall 2019, Vol. 19, No. 4)

What Exactly is an 'Underachiever,' and Why are There so Many of them in Our Schools (The Washington Post, 7-5-19)

APS Lauds pilot program boosting ranks of minority students tabbed as gifted (The Sentinel, 6-28-19)

Disabilities, treatements and philosophies (Seattle Times, 5-31-19)

District making changes to ensure poor kids have better chance at gifted school (The Spokesman-Review, 5-21-19)

New Superintendent tapped at Mill Valley School District (Marin Independent Journal, 5-10-19)

Equity and excellence, together: How to serve kids from all backgrounds while promoting high academic achievement (Daily News, 5-5-19)

Inequity Persists in Gifted Programs (Inside IES Research, 4-11-19)

MacFarlane Receives Early Leader Award for Significant Contributions to Gifted Ed (UALR University News, 4-9-19)

Mexico native awarded by National Association for Gifted Children (The Mexico Ledger, 3-28-19)

Houston Attending National Conference on Gifted Children (Southern Miss Now, 3-18-19)

USM Gifted Education Graduat Program Earns National Ranking (Southern Miss Now, 3-14-19)

Dr. Susan Genco to Receive the NJAGC Administrator of the Year Award (Central Jersey, 3-1-19)

'Pardigm shift' sought to address disparities in gifted education (The Daily Progress, 2-24-19)

Gifted and talented diversification reaches full potential (District Administration, 2-14-19)

Gifted and talented program numbers fail to add up (District Administration, 2-14-19) 

Creating Change for Gifted Children (Education Talk Radio, 2-14-19)

Rider professor leaves mark on field of gifted education (News at Rider University, 2-13-19)

Edison School District to Hold Info Sessions on Gifted and Talented Program (TapInto Edison, 2-12-19)

Are Intellectuals Suffering a Crisis of Meaning? (Scientific American, 2-8-19)

Marshalltown Extended Learning Program: On the right track (Times-Republican, 1-16-19)

Creativity just takes practice, according to a college researcher (Virginia Gazette, 1-15-19)

If Mom's Kid is Doing 10 of These 20 Things, They Might Be Advanced (Moms, 1-12-19)

How Teacher Can Support and Challenge Twice-Exceptional Students (Education Week, 1-8-19)

Helping ourselves as we help gifted, talented youngsters (Star News, 12-18-18)

15 early, but clear signs of a gifted child (The Kozweek, 12-10-18)

To find gifted students amid the district's diversity, Aurora looks beyond Math and Science  (Chalkbeat CO, 12-7-18)

Gifted Children and the Value of SEL Education (Education Talk Radio, 12-5-18)

Parents Wield Online Tools to Advocate for Children with Disabilities (Education Week, 12-4-18)

For Gifted Kids, Better to Be Hands-On or -Off? (CNN, 12-4-18)

Ocean Bay Middle School Student Earns National Accolades (My Horry News, 12-3-18)

South Whitley Woman Wins First Place Award from NAGC (Ink Free News, 11-27-18)

Our View: Gifted: Program's improvement deserves accolades (Free Press, 11-25-18)

Mankato schools programs for gifted students earns national recognition (Free Press, 11-14-18)

Rural Communities Test Ways to Hook Gifted Students (Education Week, 11-13-18)

Ever heard of micro-credentialing? (BCPS Citizens Advisory Committee for Gifted & Talented Education, 11-5-18) 

What it is like to be an unusually young university student (The Globe and Mail, 11-2-18)

Despite JCPS Efforts, Racial Disparities Still Exist In Gifted & Talented Programs (WFPL News Louisville, 10-24-18)

Baltimore City Public Schools Teachers Honored by NAGC (Cool Progeny, 10-24-18)

U46 educator wins national award for work with district's gifted program (Chicago Tribune, 10-17-17)

The Problem With the 'Gifted' Child Diagnosis (SheKnows, 10-17-18)

'Some kids are getting, when others get left out': Examining racials gaps in IN gifted programs (Chalkbeat, 10-16-18)

Parent information night on ESD gifted/highly capable program (Edmonds News, 10-13-18)

Success Through Art and Creativity (KirkwoodStudentMedia, 10-11-18)

Parent Information Night on Gifted Education Program (MLT News, 10-10-18)

Gifted and Talented Students: Map Shows Bizarre State-to-State Distribution (Fatherly, 10-8-18)

Exceptional Two Ways - Gifted Students with Disabilities Often Miss Out on Support (Education World, 10-5-18)

Some Parents Pay Up to $400 an Hour to Prep 4-Year-Olds for NYC's Gifted Test (Wall Street Journal, 10-3-18)

Grant allows LCS to screen more students for gifted program (Tallahassee Democrat, 9-16-18)

Gifted education can often be misunderstood (Daily Journal, 9-16-18)

Pittsburgh Public plans to test students for 'gifted' eligibility (Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, 9-11-18)

Teaching Beyond Boundaries: How Special Educationis Equipping the Next Generation (Christian Post, 8-29-18)

Identification of English Learners for Gifted and Talented Programs (Education Talk Radio, 8-23-18)

Gifted Children. What to look for? Why you should know? (Marin TV, 8-18-18)

Staff member, public rally to save his position (Indiana Gazette, 8-17-18)

Could your child be gifted? Here's what you need to know (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8-15-18)

It's time to get smart about gifted learning, and who gets exposed to it (Washington Post, 8-10-18)

To diversify schools, reimagine G&T (NY Daily News, 8-5-18)

New IL law requires schools to have policy accommodating academically gifted students (Chicago Tribune, 7-30-18)

New Law Allows Kids to Unlock Potential (Daily Herald, 7-24-18)

Art for Charity's Sake (Evergreen Times, 7-3-18)

Educators Turn to Programs for Top Students to Narrow the 'Excellence Gap' (New York Times, 6-25-18)

Improvements on the Horizon for Livingston Gifted and Talented Program (TAPinto, 6-24-18)

Parenting a 'Gifted' Child (India Currents, 6-19-18)

What Role do Middle Schools Play in Deciding Who Gets Into NYC's Elite High School (City Limits, 6-14-18)

If You're A Self-Directed Learner, Then Wheat Ridge HS Has A Room For You (Colorado Public Radio, 5-31-18)

'Twice-excpetional' students face difficult dichotomy in school (Education Dive, 5-10-18)

Why So Many Gifted Yet Struggling Students Are Hidden in Plain Sight (WPSU, 5-9-18)

Reaching out to help diverse voices betters our world (Santa Fe New Mexican, 4-29-18)

Bright spot in national benchmark test: More students at very top (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 4-11-18)

Identifying Giftedness (Chalkbeat TN, 4-11-18)

In TN, a 'Micro-credential' to Help Teachers Identify Students' Giftedness (Education Week, 4-10-18)

Carmel Schools should offer 'a lot more' than contentious high-ability groups (IndyStar, 4-9-18)

Report shows widespread lack of support for high-ability, low-income students in U.S. (The Hub at JHU, 4-4-18)

Income, race big factors in rates of gifted students here, across U.S. (The Columbus Dispatch, 3-29-18)

No, it's not time to ditch the gifted label (Gifted Challenges, 3-22-18)

The Gifted Child in Foster Care: Lost in the Shuffle (Education Week, 3-6-18)

Students with inquiring minds left behind in local schools (Savannah Morning News, 3-3-18)

Education Equity (The Lasso, 2-27-18)

Special education students grow by integrating into regular program (The North Platte Telegraph, 2-24-18)

Knack for Giftedness (UND Today, 2-15-18)

Gifted minorities often shortchanged at public schools (Philadelphia Tribune, 2-13-18)

Online High School Courses: Is It a Fad, or a Future? (, 2-12-18)

Want to Make Gifted Education More Equitable? First, Be Aware of the Political Winds That Drove (and Derailed) Innovative Policies in These States (The 74, 2-7-18)

School system’s appeals process leaves some minorities out (Washington Post, 2-3-18)

Advocating for 2E (2E Newsletter, January/February 2018)

Unlocking the hidden powers of a daydreamer (Houston Chronicle, 1-28-18)

Successful promotion of giftedness as early as elementary school age (, 1-22-18)

Mosaic: Eden Prairie Schools program for the highly gifted marks 5 years of growth (Sun Current, 1-5-18)

Rated PG: Profoundly Gifted (NPR, 1-2-18)

Highly motivated kids have a greater advantage in life than kids with a high IQ (Quartz, 12-19-17)

Racial disparities found in Loudoun’s suspension rate, gifted program involvement (Loudoun Times, 12-18-17)

A Call Out to Teacher Educators: Including Gifted Education Through Practical Strategies (Education World, 12-14-17)

Shine a brighter light to find all gifted children (Raleigh News & Observer, 12-9-17)

Learning and education lean forward (District Administration, 12-6-17)

Burney Elementary Gifted Teacher Receives National Recognition (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 11-15-17)

How being poor and gifted is like skiing in Trinidad – and why that matters in NC (Charlotte Observer, 11-9-17)

Star of Movie Gifted, NASCAR Driver, Headlining Education Convention (Charlotte CityBizList, 11-3-17)

In Pinellas, a push to find where the gifted kids are (Tampa Bay Times, 10-28-17)

Sandy Run student to receive Jenkins Scholar Award (The Times & Daily, 10-22-17)

Out site of gifted kids conference (Ottawa Herald, 10-6-17)

Find gifted students where you have not looked before, state tells schools (Seattle Times, 10-5-17)

Where can you find the nation’s best principal for gifted kids? Try uptown Charlotte (Charlotte Observer, 9-28-17)

Gifted Education and Empowering Educators for Better Learning (Education Talk Radio, 9-25-17)

Hall County educator begins work as president of national association (Gainesville Times, 9-21-17)

Do you have a gifted child on your hands? Here’s what to look for ( World-Herald, 8-11-17)

State’s shift in requirements for gifted, ESOL teachers called ‘a step backward’ (Gainesville Times, 7-16-17)

State law aimed at helping gifted, talented students (News Times, 7-5-17)

Greenwich positioned to be a real leader in gifted education (Greenwich Time, 7-4-17)

New Connecticut law calls for developing best practices for education of gifted students (New Haven Register, 7-3-17)

Law puts new emphasis on gifted education in Connecticut (CT Post, 6-30-17)

If Your Child Displays These 11 Traits… (Reader’s Digest, 6-28-17)

Too Few ELL Students Land in Gifted Classes (Education Week, 6-20-17)

Gifted Children Must Be Nurtured (Toronto Star, 6-17-17)

Four GT directors remember careers, say GT students need advocates (NW Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 5-30-17)

Plucker: Gifted Education, Race & Poverty — How Do We Join Forces to Close America's 'Excellence Gap'? (The 74, 5-22-17)

Hall County schools’ gifted program inspires achievement with innovation (Gaineseville Times, 5/7/17) 

Why Do Gifted Autistic Children Fly Under the Radar? (Paste Magazine, 4-21-17)

Can Grade-Skipping Close the STEM Gender Gap (The Atlantic, April 2017)

Gifted Education and the New Feature Film, Gifted (Education Talk Radio, 4-4-17)

Gifted programs across Washington leave out black and Latino students but Federal Way is one model for change (Seattle Times, 4-4-17)

Parents and advocates push state to help high achievers (Boston Herald, 3/29/17)

The Forgotten Rural Child (Psychology Today, March 27, 2017)

Special Education Funding Maintained in Trump Administration Budget Blueprint (Education Week, 3-16-17)

Equity in Education: Children Who Are Overlooked for Gifted & Talented Education (Edu@Scholastic, 3-7-17)

5 Million ELLs: A Vast Pool of Talent, At Risk (NPR, 2-23-17)

Denver Public Schools is identifying more students of color as highly gifted, but big disparities remain (Chalkbeat, 2-21-17)

Gifted and talented center at Wheat Ridge High School on chopping block as part of Jeffco budget cuts (Chalkbeat, 2-8-17)

As Leander tags up to 41% of student as ‘gifted,’ expert raises doubts (Austin American-Statesman, 2-6-17)

Gifted Education Month to Be Celebrated in Kentucky (WKU News, 2-3-17)

Atlanta School Aims to Develop Often Overlooked Gifted Students (NPR, 12-1-16) 

Local Women Honored Nationally for Work in Gifted and Talented Education (The Daily Nonpariel, 11-25-16)

Cobb teacher snags new award for at-risk gifted kids (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 11-3-16)

Erickson Named as Javits-Frasier Scholar (Ashland Daily Press , 11-2-16)

We can't let any gifted kids slip through the cracks (Orlando Sentinel, 10-31-16)

Schools Should Support Gifted Students, Not Work Against Them (Washington Post, 8-7-16)

Gifted ELL Students Often Overlooked (District Administration, July 2016)

Why so many Black, Hispanic and poor kids miss out on gifted education (Washington Post, 7-3-16)

Why aren't there more African-American poor boys in gifted Classes (Dallas Morning News, June 2016)

Supporting Funding for Gifted Kids (The Tennessean, 6-6-16)

Identifying gifted and talented students with equity proves difficult, (EducationDIVE, 2-10-16)

Matching resources to rhetoric on gifted schools(St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2-9-16)

Gifted Kids: Letter-to-Editor, (Orlando Sentinel, 1-6-16)

When 'Gifted' Kids Get Stuck in the Back of Class (Momzette, 1-5-16)

Don't let Arizona's gifted children fall through the cracks (The Arizona Republic, 11-12-15)

Hold On—Javits Works (Politico, 10-7-15)

The Bright Students Left Behind (Wall Street Journal, 8-19-15)