The Nation's Report Card: NAEP Results
October 28, 2015

Statement by NAGC Executive Director M. René Islas

After steady progress since the 1990s, the percentage of students performing at the advanced level declined or had no growth for the first time according to the Nation’s Report Card.

This decline and lack of growth among gifted and talented students is not surprising. As NAGC’s bi-annual report State of the Nation in Gifted Education (11/11/15 release) will highlight, there is a lack of transparency and consistency in laws, policies, and funding to support students with extraordinary gifts and talents.

The disparity among the subgroups at the advanced level is most disturbing, especially when income is part of the equation. Efforts to better identify and serve students from populations historically underrepresented in gifted education is critical and must be a priority among our state and national leaders.

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