NAGC Select Series

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NAGC Select books are a series of concise, informative booklets on topics and issues in education. Intended as a service to practicing educators and/or families, they are designed for the non-researcher who needs to know the basics of a particular topic in education. The books have a consistent format: an intro on the importance of the topic, three to five sections explaining what we know and how it translates into practice, a conclusion/summary and five to seven key resources on the topic, with annotations.

The books are available on Amazon in e-book or print-on-demand formats.



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  • Parenting Gifted Children for Optimal Development by Stephen T. Schroth and Jason A. Helfer
    Schroth and Helfer help parents answer some of the questions that often arise from raising a gifted child. You will find answers to  "Am I expecting too much from my child?" and "How can I balance my child's needs and the family's needs?" and many more.




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  • Self-regulation and the Underachieving Gifted Learner by Alicia M. Welch, Jennifer L. Roth, Hillary H. Steiner, and Martha Carr

    Underachievement by gifted children may result from a lack of self-regulation -- a combination of motivational, cognitive, and social emotional factors. The authors discuss how to work with advanced learners to develop their ability to self-regulate to improve academic achievement.