New Network Chairs-Elect 2019

Congratulations to the new NAGC Network Chairs-Elect. Terms begin September 1, 2019.


Computers & Technology Chair-Elect
Shirley J. Farrell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Troy University, AL

Having been in gifted education for over 25 years as a gifted specialist, coordinator, state director, and professor, and served on the Board of Directors of the Alabama Association for Gifted Children (AAGC) for over 15 years, I bring a diverse set of experiences and perspectives to the position of Chair-Elect.

I have been an active member of the Computer and Technology Network for over ten years. Technology is one of my strengths and passions. I have presented at NAGC, WCGTC, Hormel Foundation Gifted and Talented Symposium, ISTE, and state and local conferences on many topics in gifted education, but my primary concentration is on the use of technology in gifted education and for professional learning. I am not only focused on the appropriate use of technology for gifted learners, but also on how to differentiate the technology to ensure challenge for gifted learners and to promote creative producers.


Creativity Chair-Elect
Christine Ohtani-Chang, President, Hawaii Gifted Association; Consultant

I have been active with the Network(s) for several years and particularly with the Creativity Network having participated in several Convention Creativity Nights. I have been involved in reviewing topic submissions for Convention sessions and also have written published journal articles for other Affiliates within NAGC. I have also participated in meetings and follow up critiques to get a better sense as to the goals and vision of the Network. 

As President of the Hawaii Gifted Association, I am primarily responsible for assessment and cognitive testing for individuals that need assessments and am familiar with the TTC measurement tool. 

In 2019 and forward, I would like to see a more global vision of what we can learn; techniques, testing, learning styles, application and implementation that will enhance NAGC’s service to its constituents. For Convention 2019, a highlighted sponsor for that night’s event that can add a visual pop of excitement and color would be great!!!

Global Awareness Chair-Elect
Heidi Huey, Gifted Coordinator, Prospect Ridge Academy, CO

My roots and spirit are in being kind to the environment and all of its creatures, as well as accepting and welcoming to everyone. I continue to uphold my love and appreciation for all living things and a protector and speaker of those entities as needed. This is why I became involved in the Global Awareness Network.

Over the last several years I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Global Awareness Network and have been honored to learn from our predecessors as well as tuning into the perspectives and thoughts of our newer membership.

As Chair-Elect of the Global Awareness Network I want to increase our visibility within the NAGC membership. In addition, I would like to facilitate more opportunities for our membership to connect more frequently throughout the year. As Chair-Elect, I am looking forward at this opportunity of continued growth for our Global Awareness Network.

Parent & Community Chair-Elect
Pamela M. Peters, Research Assistant, University of Connecticut

My name is Pam Peters, and I am running for chair-elect of the Parent and Community Network. I am the parent of two gifted children: a son in high school and a daughter in elementary school. I have experience advocating for gifted students, consulting with parents, and working with teachers and administrators to develop advanced academic and enrichment programs. I am also a doctoral student and research assistant at the University of Connecticut, where I am working on projects related to equity and parent/school partnerships.

I have been a member of the NAGC Parent and Community Network since 2016, and currently serve as the network Historian. I believe that parents and families can make a significant contribution to the ongoing conversation about gifted education, and, if elected, I will work to ensure that the parent and community network is an informed, involved, and influential part of the NAGC family.

Professional Development Chair-Elect
Karen L. Brown, Director of Gifted and Accelerated Programs in Scottsdale (AZ) Unified School District; Adjunct Professor, Arizona State University

Like most educators, I wear many hats. As the Gifted Program Mentor in Paradise Valley Schools I supported teachers, students, and parents through professional learning opportunities every day. Teaching at Arizona State University in the Gifted Master’s Program, I instill an understanding of the needs of gifted students while teaching methods to address their academic and social/emotional needs. Consulting with schools across the country, as with my other roles, I empower educators by providing guidance, strategies, and support for educating gifted learners. I have co-authored two books: Differentiated Lessons for Every Leaner and A Teacher’s Guide to Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning. I was the co-recipient of the NAGC Professional Development Network’s inaugural award; last year I received the NAGC Masters and Specialist’s Award; and recently renewed my National Board Certification. As Chair I will share information with PDN members, support teacher training, and advocate for gifted learners in our schools

Special Populations Chair-Elect
C. Matthew Fugate, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Houston – Downtown

I have been a proud member of the Special Populations Network (SPN) for 8 years. During this time, I have made over 50 presentations and written numerous texts focused on the needs of students from traditionally under-represented gifted populations including twice-exceptional, LGBTQ, African-American, Native America, and female students. Additionally, I have served as the network Publications Co-Chair, ensuring the distribution of special issues like the popular Pre- and Post-Conference Newsletters, and overseeing the transition to the current NAGC Blog format. My vision for the SPN is one that includes voices of all peoples who have traditionally been rendered invisible in traditional gifted programs. Ultimately, it is my goal to ensure that representatives from all populations under the umbrella of the greater Network have a seat at the table as we move forward. The end goal is to continue to ensure that we represent all special populations within gifted education.



Additional election outcomes

Members of two networks voted to change the names of their networks.

  • Parent and Community will become the Parent, Family, and Community Network. 

Rationale for name change: “We feel it is important to include "family" into the name because so many children have extended family members caring for them either on a permanent basis or for a significant portion of the child's life. We believe adding "family" into the title honors, invites, and includes those who are not necessarily a child's parents but play a significant role in the life and development of the child.” 

  • Professional Development will become the Professional Learning Network
Rationale for name change