The Gifted Legacy Society for Planned Giving

100 years from now you can still be giving to the organization that makes a difference in the lives of gifted children.

While more than 80% of Americans contribute to nonprofit groups in their lifetimes, only a small percentage of them choose to continue their support through a charitable bequest. But a bequest or other “planned gift” is the best way to ensure that NAGC continues to make an important difference in the lives of our gifted and talented children. 

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Common Questions

1. What is a Charitable Bequest? A charitable bequest is a gift made to a nonprofit, charity, or cause that you believe in and hope will continue in perpetuity . . . indefinitely. It is a thoughtful and enduring way of showing others what you value most.

2. Isn’t it too early for me to be thinking about a will? Most people begin to think of estate planning at momentous life events—deaths, births, marriage, travel, health concerns, retirement, etc. Although many people begin to consider their wills as they near retirement, more and more Americans are establishing their wills much earlier to ensure their assets are distributed according to their values.

3. What kind of bequest can I make? Bequests can be “restricted,” meaning the donor specifies that the gift be used for a specific program or purpose. Bequests also can be “unrestricted, which allows NAGC to support needs of the highest priority.

4. What’s the catch? Membership in NAGC’s Gifted Legacy Society involves no dues, obligations or solicitations. We will simply recognize and honor your generous gift and the lasting contribution it will make to NAGC’s long-term success.

5. I don’t have an estate plan. It sounds complicated. Making a bequest to NAGC couldn’t be easier. We’ve created a Guide to Making a Bequest, which provides an easy step-by-step process and answers common questions. You can also request a print copy from us that we would be happy to mail to you. Please email Lyndi Schrecengost at to receive your copy.

Join Our Tribe of Givers

When you make a bequest to NAGC, you become part of a special family. Membership in the Gifted Legacy Society is a wonderful testament to your commitment to our work and to carrying on our mission well into the future. As a member of the Society, you enjoy a close relationship with NAGC and will be recognized throughout the year on the NAGC web site and at NAGC’s Annual Convention. You will enjoy the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to NAGC’s future.

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“Through an annual conference, publications, research grants, and professional development programs, NAGC makes a difference in the trajectories of young, high-potential lives. I want to support the NAGC mission through the Gifted Legacy Society.”
Sidney Moon, Associate Dean, College of Education, Purdue University


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