Networks - STEM


Recognizing that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are critical to our economy, our national security, and our global leadership in innovation and research, and that our key resource lies in students with STEM promise, the mission of the STEM Network is to strengthen STEM education research in these areas, enhance recognition for the gifted, talented, promising, and creative students and increase opportunities for these students inside and outside of school.


Chair - Janine Firmender, Saint Joseph's University

Chair Elect - Michelle Buchanan, University of Central Arkansas

Treasurer – Kathy Cash, University of Louisville

Secretary and Membership Chair – Michelle Buchanan, University of Central Arkansas

Communications/Newsletter Editor – Scott Chamberlin

Elections & Awards Committee Chair - Alicia Cotabish, University of Central Arkansas

Communications Committee:
o   Publications: Scott Chamberlin, Chair; Barbara Kerr, Co-Chair
o   Liaison to the NAGC Publications Committee: Barbara Kerr 
o   Newsletter: Scott Chamberlin and Barbara Kerr
          Heather Sondell, Thomas Jefferson High
          Janine Firmender, Saint Joseph’s University
          Barbara Kerr, University of Kansas
          Eric Mann
o   Fastbacks: Scott Chamberlin and Barbara Kerr
          Daphne Duncan, Park Tudor School
          Eric Mann
o   Journals: Scott Chamberlin 
          Scott Chamberlin, Co-Editor of PHP special issue
          Eric Mann, Co-Editor of PHP special issue
          Jill Adelson, Co-Editor of PHP special issue

STEM Listserve Manager - Eric Mann
STEM Webpage Coordinator – Janine Firmender, Saint Joseph’s University