Networks - Professional Development


The Network's primary purpose is to improve the quality of services offered to the gifted/creative/talented students through effective programs for training professionals to work with this unique population. This purpose is:

  • synthesizing and disseminating information that will expand the knowledge base in professional teacher training for education of the gifted/creative/talented;
  • providing in-service education at the professional-development level in order to encourage and stimulate professional growth;
  • serving as a public advocate of quality programs for training professionals to work with gifted students or to administer programs designed to meet their special needs; and
  • providing and disseminating recommended standards for the development and implementation of pre-service, in-service, and graduate training opportunities in gifted education.

The mission of the Professional Development Network is to improve the quality of personnel preparation programs and to further the development of leadership within the field of gifted education.  Current network

interests include:

  • Inservice and staff development
  • Leadership and administration
  • Higher education


Angela Novak, Chair

Christine Weber, Interim Chair Elect

Elizabeth Fogarty, Program Chair

Angela Novak, The Catalyst Editor

Jason McIntosh, Co-Editor, The Catalyst and Membership Committee Chair

Karen Brown, Awards and Election Committee Chair

Dina Brulles, Twitter Coordinator

Christine Weber, Secretary

Recent Newsletter

Professional Development Award

SUBMISSION DEADLINE-- Electronically by August 1, 2017

The Professional Development Network is pleased to announce the fourth annual Professional Development Award.  The Award recognizes an individual(s), institution, or organization for planning and implementing sustained professional development on gifted education.

The program may relate to any age level within the gifted education context and be given to educators and service providers in PreK-12 or higher education.

For more information, please download the Award FlyerApplication Form, and the Verification Form.  You may also download the Application Checklist. For any questions, contact Karen Brown.