Networks - Early Childhood


The Network's mission is to maintain and promote an attitude of inquiry and to disseminate information in the areas of early childhood gifted:

  • Identification and assessment (establish a rationale that supports early identification of giftedness; establish a resource guide to instruments and procedures for early identification; develop suggestions for the use of assessment information in effective educational planning); 
  • Curricula and programs (develop criteria for appropriate curricula and/or programs; identify appropriate curriculum materials; identify program models, implementation strategies, evaluation methods; design staff development materials and methodologies);
  • Research (create a solid research base; design and implement studies that address current needs in the area of early childhood gifted children); and
  • Parenting (facilitate and support parent networks and advocacy groups; develop materials for effective parenting of early childhood gifted children).

Proposed Mission Statement Change

In accordance with the NAGC Strategic Framework of Minds. Policies. Practices, the Early Childhood Network believes that our own mission statement should be revised to more accurately reflect the overall goals of NAGC.  Gifted specialists working with young learners are in a unique position to address challenges faced in those early critical years.  Our new mission statement supports NAGC’s Strategic Framework by specifically providing guidance on differentiation, quality and developmentally appropriate practices, as well as the identification and retention of underserved populations. You can see the research support for this change here.

The mission statement change will be voted on by Early Childhood Network members during the June NAGC regular election.

Proposed Mission Statement (Nov 2016): The NAGC Early Childhood Network promotes high quality, developmentally appropriate and differentiated learning for young children exhibiting giftedness from birth through age 8. This includes children from underserved populations, i.e. twice exceptional, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and socioeconomic groups, who have high ability, advanced cognitive development, or the potential for advanced learning experiences and academic achievement.


Megan Parker Peters, Chair

Teresa Reddish, Chair Elect

Barbara Dullaghan, Convention Program Chair

Sample Newsletter

Early Childhood Network Convention Attendance Grant

The Early Childhood Network of NAGC recognizes the importance of practitioners who have direct, daily contact with young gifted children. In an effort to support and encourage the participation of practitioners in NAGC and the Early Childhood Network, two (2) attendance grants of $250 each will be awarded for registration at the 2017 NAGC Annual Convention in Charlotte, NC. To apply, please submit a 200-250 word article proposal for consideration for a future Early Childhood network newsletter.  Learn more about the Early Childhood Attendance Grant