Legacy Archive Project

The Conceptual Foundations Network has taken on the role of historian for the field of gifted education. Over the years, the Legacy Series produced videotaped interviews of a number of giants in our field. Find out more information about the DVD's of these interviews.

Project Goals

The Conceptual Foundations Network Legacy Archive Project continues this tradition, expanding it to reach even more contributors to our

Available Legacy Archives
Sally Reis interviewed by Frances Spielhagan
Nancy Robinson interviewed by Bridget DuRuz

field. The mission of the Legacy Archive Project is to create a video archive of leaders in the field of gifted education describing their significant contributions, how they arrived at those contributions, how they interpret the influence of their contributions on the field, and their thoughts about important future directions. This public archive should reflect the diversity of actors in the field, respecting varied histories, regions, and intellectual traditions.

It is our objective to produce several interviews each year and to maintain a list of nominees who may be interviewed as resources allow. The Legacy Archive Project Committee will review nominations to identify those who have made a significant contribution. This is defined as follows:

Nominees for the Legacy Archive Project have made an impact beyond the local level on gifted individuals by informing gifted education practice, policy or scholarship, by influencing

thinking about topics of concern through teaching, publications or service, by providing outstanding leadership, or by making other noteworthy contributions.

Submit a Nomination

You may nominate one or more individuals by filling out this brief survey. To assist the Committee in its review of nominations, please be as complete as possible in describing your nominee’s contributions.

Volunteer to Interview

If you are interested in interviewing your nominee or a nominee in your area, please share your information.

The Legacy Archive Project Committee

Please feel free to contact any one of the committee with questions or ideas.

Co-Chair, Todd Kettler, todd.kettler@baylor.edu

Members: Frances Spielhagen, Frances.Spielhagen@msmc.edu, Abbey B. Cash, abbeybcash@gmail.com, Ken Dickson, edscnet@aol.com, Debbie Troxclair, datroxclair@lamar.edu, Bridget DuRuz, duruz57@hotmail.com, Jennifer R. Cross, jrcross@wm.edu