Lauri Kirsch

President, NAGC Board of Director
Hillsborough County School District (Retired)

Dr. Lauri Kirsch serves on NAGC’s Board of Directors as the Governance Secretary; she previously served as the Treasurer and State Representative. She is also Past President of the Florida Association for the Gifted and former Gifted Program Supervisor for Hillsborough County (Florida). It is a fortunate individual who discovers her passion and has the opportunity to spend her life’s work pursuing that passion. In 1994, Dr. Kirsch discovered her passion: gifted education. Since that time, her involvement in gifted education has been experienced from a multitude of roles, allowing her to learn and lead from a variety of perspectives. As an educator since 1981, these experiences have included gifted teacher, curriculum developer, teacher trainer, doctoral student, conference presenter, researcher, administrator, and gifted advocate. Through these experiences, Dr. Kirsch learned that leadership is the critical element for success in any organization, from the classroom, to a school district, to a state affiliate group. As the parent of two grown gifted daughters, she has navigated the unchartered waters that are integral to parenting the gifted. Kirsch says her goal is to share a common sense message that may inspire and guide others in supporting the children who will be the key to our world’s future.

Speaker Topics:

  • Operationalizing Response to Intervention (RtI) for Gifted Students
  • Empowering Gifted Identification Efforts
  • Leadership in Gifted Education
  • Creating Meaning in Online Professional Development
  • Parents and Teachers Partnering for Successful Outcomes
  • Raising Happy and Successful Gifted Kids

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