Alicia Cotabish

Early Scholar Award 2015
University of Central Arkansas, Conway AR

Dr. Alicia Cotabish is the Gifted Education Program Coordinator at the University of Central Arkansas. She is the Immediate Past-President of the Arkansas Association of Gifted Education Administrators (AAGEA) and serves on the board of the Council for Exceptional Children – The Association of the Gifted (CEC-TAG).  She has authored, co-authored, and contributed to 4 books, 51 journal articles, book chapters, and products focused on K-20 STEM and gifted education; and 37 refereed academic research papers and technical reports tied to externally-funded and university-based research initiatives. She has delivered more than 200 professional development workshops, presentations, and keynotes at local, state, national, and international venues, and serves as a National Association for Gifted Children Expert Speaker. Her recent research has focused on STEM and gifted education, and examining the effects of virtual coaching on the quality of gifted and teacher candidates using Skype and Bluetooth Bug-in-the-Ear (BIE) technology

Alicia Cotabish NAGC Early Scholar Award

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