NAGC Regulations and Policies

The  National Association for Gifted Children is a membership organization established  to:

  • Serve as a public advocate concerning the needs of the gifted.
  • Promote research and development of the nature of the gifted at all ages, education levels, and diverse populations.
  • Disseminate information to school personnel, parents, and public officials concerning the nature and education of the gifted.
  • Encourage and assist the development of local and state organizations to support gifted education.
NAGC Policy Manual

1) NAGC Regulations

2) Ethics and Accountability

3) Board and Governance

4) Nominations and Candidates

5) Chief Executive and Personnel

6) Finance and Investments

7) Blank

8) Committees

9) Network Policies

10) Affiliates

11) Publications and Publishing

12) External Relationships