U.S. Congressmen Ignoring Gifted and Talented Children with Proposed Cut—Statement by M. René Islas, NAGC Executive Director
July 13, 2017

Elected officials talk a lot about making our nation more competitive with the rest of the world. But when programs like the Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program are eliminated, their actions speak louder than words. 

Though small, the data is clear—Javits works! For the House of Representatives to consider cutting this effective program, they are ignoring the 3 to 5 million gifted and talented children who are the future innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs who will lead our nation.  

In its 27-year history, the Javits program helped identify thousands of students from under-represented populations who otherwise are left without the services they need to succeed. As cited in a Congressional Research Report, evaluations have “emphasized the positive impact of gifted education programs on parents and teachers, as well as improving self-perception and achievement test scores of gifted students in the program.”

The Javits program is the only dedicated federal funding stream to support the needs of gifted and talented students.

Most important, voters overwhelmingly support providing federal funding for gifted education. Earlier this year, the Institute for Educational Advancement’s 2017 Gifted and Talented Messaging Survey showed that eight out of ten registered voters support increased federal funding for gifted and talented education.

Funding for the Javits program reflects the will of the voters.

Supporting gifted and talented children in our nation's schools is part of the transformational change needed to ensure all students have the opportunity to fulfill their highest potential and personal best.


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