October 7, 2021

NAGC Congratulates 2021 Book of the Year Award Winners

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is pleased to announce the 2021 Book of the Year Award winners. Each year, the association recognizes excellence in books published in gifted and talented education. The NAGC Publications Committee oversees the annual Book of the Year Awards, and every book that is submitted is reviewed by several members who bring expertise to a specific area: scholar, practitioner, or parent/caregiver.

The 2021 NAGC Book of the Year winners are:

Parent/Caregiver Category

When the World Feels Like a Scary Place” by Abigail Gerwitz (Workman Publishing)

Practitioner Category

“Collaboration, Coteaching, and Coaching in Gifted Education: Sharing Strategies to Support Gifted Learners” by Emily Mofield and Vicki Phelps (Prufrock Press)

Scholar Category

“Unlocking Potential: Identifying and Serving Gifted Students From Low-Income Households” by Tamra Stambaugh and Paula Olszewski-Kubilius (Prufrock Press)

“These outstanding publications exemplify NAGC’s commitment to promoting research-based books that aim to develop all our gifted and talented children. Trustworthy and comprehensive books such as these will greatly benefit our parents, teachers, and communities as they work diligently to meet the growing needs of their gifted learners,” said Lauri Kirsch, NAGC Board President.